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Is the Panamera Turbo the best handling sedan?

Porsche weathered a storm of criticism when it debuted the first Panamera back in 2009. Given a very unflattering bulbous rear end and non-Porsche-like proportions, the four-door sedan looked like the nose section had been designed on Monday while the back end was penned on Friday at around 5pm, just after everyone was leaving their happy hour.
That was a shame really because the car was a rather well-executed automobile delivering a level of luxury and performance that made rivals stand up and take notice, even if the two rear seating compartments were stunningly crammed.
With the second generation Panamera, Porsche has transformed its ugly duckling into a sleek, well-proportioned high performance saloon that has more technology in it than the space shuttle. It’s as if the car morphed from beefcake muscly guy Vin Diesel into the perfectly proportioned Hugh Jackman. In fact, so hell-bent were the Zuffenhausen designers on redefining their flagship executive model that only three things carried over from the original model: the concept, the name and the company’s badge.
The new Panamera is the sedan Porsche should have made in the first place. And of the half dozen or so variants available including hybrids, I tested arguably the most appealing – the Panamera Turbo. While its dimensions are marginally smaller and stronger thanks to a mixed aluminum and steel body, any weight savings planned were cancelled out when engineers added a technology super-upgrade.

Obviously this is a brand new car and welcomes the first use of the VW group’s new MSB chassis. Just in case you forgot, yes, Porsche is part of the VW family.
The Panamera’s cockpit looks like it was designed by Boeing. Its centre console is more stylish and cleaner due to a new waterfall theme with fewer buttons, and a new 12.3-inch screen. Despite the lower roofline, rear headroom stays roughly the same, while passengers in the back get to use the optional entertainment system featuring two 10-inch screens and USB connectivity. The big change however is that passengers now have more elbow room with a less claustrophobic fee

- Forbes

Date Posted: August 5, 2017